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I walked halfway up the hill, my loyal sidekick, or should I say drugkick, walking beside me, when the drugs began to bend our minds...
I had expected us to make it to the top, but the newly added component now brewing our brain-meat had other plans for us.

A tingle began to scratch at my cortex, its flame blinking in and out within my spinal cord in a sensation unlike a twitch. 
The grass turned in on itself and strands if it began to whisper their secrets to each other. 
A wave of nauseating thoughts gave a sense that the weeds were lying to me, for the green would not share its knowledge with us, even as the two of us pressed our ears to try and smell, taste the words it spoke. Nothing but incoherent musings...

Surfaces began to merge and slide into the sky, brighten and darken, pulse until I could no longer tell if the sky was breathing or if I was. 

Was I ever? 

Had I ever drawn breath before? 

Or had my brain simply kept me from dying? 

No... no, don't allow yourself to be fooled by the drug. Breathe in. Breathe out. Clockwork, inexorable like the Earth's spin.
I slipped into a state where triangles became circles and circles didn't' exist. 
My eyelids felt as though they had never been open to see through the veil drawn across my gaze. 
Corposant light flashed in the sky, drawing stars through the daylight, between the pink nebulae veiling my reality.

I looked into the eyes of my companion, and we smiled, spoke without words or gestures.

Given our lives so far, I was surprised we're not dead yet. 

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