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( visual stimulus...? )

There is a certain group of people you shall come across in your life towards whom you'll feel an immediate thread of possibility, connecting you. You'll almost never realize what has caught your "eye", because most of the time it's never a superficial thing. You'll rarely recognize what the feeling is, but you will always feel it. This event of interconnection may happen by chance encounters with strangers, associates of friends, relatives, etc.
Sometimes it's their visual appearance which sets the net of possibility in motion, sometimes it is their personality, sometimes you cannot  pinpoint what it is.
In most cases, your immediate, gut reaction upon seeing these fields of vibration may consist of you not wishing to have anything to do with the person in question. But like a slumping glacier, you'll be powerless to stop the motion of events, for the interwoven paths have already been set by the mere presence or sight of them, or by the mere idea of them.
You do not feel a possibility that might be, but a possibility that will be, one which has already been laid out. It is up to you to decide how the events within this constellation of chance will play out. But play out they will, in all the universes, in all times, over and over, through lifetimes and through infinite paths.

They will play out because they are the possibilities which you need to tread. Minds do not shape themselves, they are shaped by other minds. And the mind knows this, it searches for this. It craves this. It is elevated by this and brought high by this.
The only trick is to learn how to sense and recognize this feeling.

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