Collective Unconscious

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 K.Z. Freeman 0 Comments

A category of transpersonal experiences can take us into the realm of the collective unconcious that the Swiss psychiatrist C. G. Jung called archetypal. This region harbors mythological figures, themes, and realms of all the cultures and ages, even those of which we have no intellectual knowledge. In its farthest reaches, individual conciousness can identify with the Universal Mind or Cosmic Conciousness, the creative principle of the universe. Probably the most profound experience available in holotropic states is the identification with the Supracosmic and Metacosmic Void (Sanskrit sunyata), primordial Emptiness and Nothingness that is concious of itself. The Void has a paradoxical nature; it is a vacuum, because it is devoid of any concrete forms, but is also a plenum, since it seems to contain all the creation in a potential form.

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