Random Scribble #722

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 K.Z. Freeman 0 Comments

Emotion is energy in movement. It mirrors life. We shift and the spaces between the lines move, yet it's not only spaces in between which determine an area. A reality consisting of fragments and intangible "things" around and within, which drift onto forever. They are thoughts taking form in the mind - they start and begin in the mind and end in the mind. 
The eyes see, but only what's "out there", what can be determined and captured, processed, while emotions feel what the eyes cannot. 

And always the sphere of emotion warps and wefts, sets and determines a different mould of reality outside reason and flesh, ever-adding to the complexity of its infinite design.

An interesting fact that, in Zen, the mind is located where the heart is (Kokoro), the psychic centre; where intuition and spirit intertwine, mutually collapse and reform, slumping and rising. 

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