Coexisting Energy

Tuesday, December 18, 2012 K.Z. Freeman 0 Comments

I've gotten a few emails from people asking me just what the hell I mean with "we are coexisting energy". The blogpost itself doesn't really explain the notion directly, nor goes it go beyond the title in any real sense. Yet the title itself was meant only to provoke a thought in such direction. But there is more to it... obviously.

This question, what are we really? is something which has been answered time and time again throughout history, yet the internet is strangely devoid of textual explanations that would be simple and uncomplicated. Largely because, for us -- who are used to thick textbooks to explain things because we believe things are never so simple as to be explained in just a few words -- we find that someone who cannot explain something at length, doesn't truly understand. We are used to things being explained at length, and so feel like something which can be explained overly simply, at least things which don't seem simple, cannot be true, or that there is more to it. But one of our greatest thinkers said that, if you can't explain something simply, then you don’t understand it well enough. Simple is E=mc2.

Yet when a thing seems too simple (an overuse of the world simple, I know), many will not pay it much notice, precisely because of a false notion that, because everything seem and feels complicated around us, it cannot be explained in simple terms. Not true.

Sure enough, there are many doctrines that were founded on this notion of coexisting energy, the chief of which is Buddhism and many other, sub-shoots of it. These are less known to the average Westerner  yet still operate on the principle. For us, the inhabitants of the Western world, with its different cultural "standards" and religious endowments, such notions tend to mean nothing. Coexisting energy? Pfuj! "I am a being of matter and I coexist because I was born in a culture which forces me to coexist for my own benefit and survival." This is all true enough. But what happens when you don't know how to coexist any more?  What happens when you feel out of touch and unable to function in set parameters "forced" upon you by society? You crumble. You either find another way to coexist, to get back into the flow of coexistence, or you crumble into dust. Most likely sooner in your mind than in your body.

But let's for a moment return back to the energy part of coexistence. Since the West needs complicated solutions because the world is complicated, there is nothing more complicated, yet at the same time simpler, than the Quantum Theory. It explains how the very smallest is nothing but possibility. This relates to the very biggest; you. Because you are, since your inception into this world, a pure possibility. You are a reflection of that Quanta, that caged energy which forms out of possibility and probability.

A girl who has spent her whole childhood among wolves will never again be successfully assimilated into normal society. Because our minds are shaped by other minds, by the piling of possibilities to make actualities. In this sense, we are coexisting energy. We project our energy to others through speech, the functions of our body, through our thoughts, and in turn, our minds shift and form actualities.

Imagine, for a moment, that your eyes don't see crude matter, but the movement of Quanta itself. Image for a moment you could see the sub-net, below even the atomic scale, where everything is fluctuation, a foam without shape. An intrinsic field where nothing but the rate of vibration differs. It is this state which relates to energy. This field is where it all truly happens. This is what I meant in my earlier post, and that all of these processes will never be truly known to us. They are hidden from our senses and reside in a spectral universe. We can only be aware that these processes are happening and realize they will always happen, all around us, without pause. The question then is, will you coexist with this movement? Can you even not coexist with it? Not unless you live with wolves, but even then, you're coexisting with them... thus you will always be matter [caged energy]... coexisting.

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