Infinite Spiral

Thursday, October 30, 2014 K.Z. Freeman 0 Comments

We are an infinite spiral twisting through time, acquiring shapes as we go along, governed by the dimensions where our creative spark was lit.

Our trajectory is continuous and its transitions indivisible.

We reside where the validity of All is contingent upon the observer and our real form is energy vibrating through the common field accessed by consciousness

Perception is the apparatus through which reality folds and enfolds, expands and contracts.

Our wind-chafed faces form structures vast in complexity and design, while our inner artistry remains an expression of the larger without -- a fluctuating canvass of dimensionless probability, the parameters of which are perceived within the mind who veils the subtlest details of Truth.

Yet The Way is simple.

And when we gage upon the fiery goldness of a late spring afternoon, or as the grey dawn unfolds wetly from the east, we sometimes catch a glimpse of that truth, realizing it lies further than our eyes can peer, yet it could be no closer.

It lies within.

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