The Astral Plane

Sunday, May 07, 2017 K.Z. Freeman 0 Comments

Life is geometry. Every aspect of our Self is quantified and measured, minute differences are corrected upon currents of ineffable mystery and in strange, unpredictable movements of possibility that shape us, but do not truly make us. The real us is on some different plane altogether, watching the shifting scale, marveling.
Yet every chemical imbalance skews the scale and every change in vibrational structure breeds chaos, taking us further from the one who watches.
The mind's geometry thrives on balance. But rarely is such a balance reached and maintaining it is no easy task.
Geometrical patters of intrinsic value and endless possibility reach and surge through us daily, reorganizing, remeasuring, recombining and re-establishing, crashing, ebbing and flowing, annihilating upon each other.
Destroyed patters of the within show in every aspect of the without. Inner alchemy transforms the outer shell of our existence and crashes our minds against interior walls that feel insurmountable. But no geometry exists in infinity where all is but possibility, so all walls can be scaled and passed through, circumvented or tunneled through, yet no such scaling is needed and to escape the entrapment of geometry one simply has to stop identifying with it. A thing harder for some than others.
Yet the knowledge is hidden -- the secret that everything is already there, ready to be presented and taken as the mind wills. The trick then, is to recognize what shapes and moulds your own geometrical patterns, and to allow it. A difficult thing to master.
But time is short and to ourselves, at one point or another, we had all seemed the type who will never die, a ridiculous notion, and sometimes the inevitability of our demise is what propels us faster, as though self-knowledge is a race. Instead of racing, realize that enlightenment is a moment happening through every pulse of the Now and that it surges through the Now – realize it is happening and bask in it.

[Sometimes my thoughts are laid bare and stopping them is difficult, but to stop them is not my desire, so, as always, read and interpret as you wish.]

[pictures by Emma McNally]

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