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"When the evening faded and night fell, the distant booming of destruction at my heels, I realized this was the end. I didn’t want to accept it. I fought it until I could fight no more. I built my own coffin and buried myself from the world.”
“How did you do this?” I ask as we begin to walk ahead. Visibility is high and I can see far into the distance. Almost as if someone fashioned my view so I could see it all. There’s an explosion out there, building a twisting red and yellow spire into the sky. 
“Nomad?” Ty says, his voice uncertain, afraid. Ash the color night falls from a layer above us. The clouds are thick, thundering. A heat reaches us and I can smell it, like a thousand dead bodies. We stand in the light of it and all I see of the others are their black silhouettes. I look at Calyx, I gaze at Ty. They are silent, caught in a state like me, between marvel and utter terror. Our skin begins to burn. The pain is total, all-encamping. But it soon fades. What remains is light. And in that light, I am them, they are me, we are one. I see their black bones in the light until those too are wiped away like shapes drawn in the sand.

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