[Review] The Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 K.Z. Freeman 0 Comments

In my review of the first book I said nothing happens. I am here to say the trend continues in the second book, while at the same time, I am wondering why, despite the fact that I knew this would be the case, I kept reading the book. 

I will mention only the good things about it because there's a link at the end that pretty much sums up the bad.

The tale managed to hit some solid emotional notes. I got teary-eyed about twice, enjoyed most parts of it because I like to indulge myself, laughed a bit, but also got very frustrated. Simply put, there is no real story. This book is as much as story as yours or my life is a story. We do things and stuff happens. And I think this is kindof the reason why this book is popular. The character does things and is driven by other things, and then life happens. Although why we read books like The Kingkiller Chronicles boils down this, I think: they mirror most of our lives. We are waiting for significant stuff to happen just like we flip these pages because we are hoping something significant might happen on the next one. And it doesnt.

Patrick manages to write some great lines, but you would expect that from a 1000 paged book, would you not?

The Flurian part was way too long and while the apparances of Denna were okayish, they have gotten redicilously unbelievable to the point of being absurd.

I'm half expecting the ending to be something like, "Haha, you asked for a story and I told you one, I actually can't do any of those things. Magic isn't real and what they teach at the university is something completely different. I'm just a bit demented now becuause Denna never loved me."
Here's the link to what I would think if I tried to take the book seriously: http://ferretbrain.com/articles/article-751


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