Dreams and Consciousness

Monday, May 26, 2014 K.Z. Freeman 0 Comments

I often wonder how much of our dreamscape is ever paused over and considered by our waking minds.

It would seem that, should we reflect on but the tiniest of our subconscious workings splayed out for us in our dreams, we may reach some startling conclusions. Not just about ourselves, but of the nature of consciousness.

It is true the majority of our nightly drifting sits well into the category quite mundane and every-day, yet there remains a strata of awareness which defies logic as to the lengths and depths it can plunge, and is only expressed in dreams. That is to say, when our minds become immersed in the exploration of a region of reality wholly unknown to the state of waking reality.

On these occasions, it is not wholly unthinkable to permit the idea that we may catch glimpses of a plane outside reference and explanation, a part of reality that is uniquely separate from that of our waking life, yet so subtly entwined with it, that it may prove more real than we can countenance. Perhaps the intrinsic truth of what our minds can truly do is something so profound, that it is simply best for the mind to dismiss its own knowledge by a trick of memory.

In this case, it would seem forgetfulness serves us well.

But how often, then, do we dream of unremembered vistas and forget that they were just as real as they might have been should our feet had been touching ‘real’ soil?

It seems that locked within the core of us is a truth so rudimentary and obvious that we simply miss it. We look past it when it has so much to teach and show us. We look past it because it is much too simple, yet all-encompassing enough for it to be too vast for the conscious mind to contemplate. But perhaps it is because of the very reason that only in our dreams do we get glimpses of how reality truly works, that we cannot remember it. Because it is too strange. Too alien to our every-day senses, especially when we realize oral language is no longer the medium for the transmission of thought, but that thought is a system of creation

And perhaps  this unpermitted knowledge which ascribes the every-day reality and its ultimate function as fiction, illusion, Maya, – is so unlikable, or even unsuited to humans, that we cannot accept it unless in a subtly enlightened state of consciousness. Perhaps it’s because of this that we ourselves keep us in a state of ignorance, rather than seeing the whole terrible truth.

We are given nuggets, yet are shown nothing.

So each mind keeps on playing its own chords, striking its own tunes and viewing through its own sensual apparatus, perceiving through its own reality-tunnel, each morning forgetting there are things we can do and did which now seem unfathomable, simply because we forget the basic truth of our own intrinsic power.

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