Adventures in Internetlessness

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 K.Z. Freeman 0 Comments

In light of recent events I find it necessary to point out that I have been without internet for quite some time. I think it's been like six months now...? 

Sure enough, I had access on my phone, but's that not quite the same as being able to browse with a mouse and keyboard. 

And OH DEAR LORD how I didn't miss it at all. 

I find it funny it has taken me this long to realize how strong of detriment it has been to my PRODUCTIVITY. And then at last I realized I am my own detriment to productivity. Ish...

I limit myself now, which is for the best, I think, there is nothing useful up here that can outweigh meditation. Sitting in meditation or reading, as opposed to spending an hour on the internet has become a no-brainier, 
I only wish more people would realize how over-saturated one can get with useless information up here in this data-web. 

"Then find information that will not be useless," I hear you say... and you are right, but senseless use and - oh dear god the facebook-hoppers - nooooooooo, it is the damnable abyss!

It feels slightly odd writing this and posting it on the internet though, hahaha. 

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