[Review] Prince of Fools by Mark Lawrence

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Again with the "on par" thing... god dammit, this is better! I swear it on my left testicle. Actually, I'm so confident that this is better I swear it on all my future offspring (both testicles).

While this tome obviously doesn't sport the intricacies of Martin's crazy POV-hopping, it has it's own deliciousness wrapped up in it - out of which you simply get more enjoyment. Yes, simply.

That being said, I met the pages of this book with too much of a fanboy glee to give it an unbiased review. But I'll try.

The next couple of paragraphs is me trying.

Mark Lawrence is a bastard. And not the kind who gets born to a king's lusty ways either. He knows he can write about people getting knee-slammed in the testicles and get away with it, so he does it. And, admittedly, many other things. He can get away with it because the characters are walking around in your head, talking. That's always a good thing.

On the other hand, this book is, beside the voice (which I thought was actually very similar to the one used in the Broken Empire series), a very different book. It has similarities but is still quite a different kind of monster. Namely because Jorg, the quite-but-not-quite-a-psychopath, was so unlike our newly found friend, Jalan, who makes a good contrast to Snorri, who remains the Singularly Awesome One. And a Viking. And he reminded me of Makin, did Snorri. Which is also a good thing.

Known characters make their appearances and a few new ones, of course, while Jalan struggles to tackle them. Mostly in ways that are pretty funny.

I could do what I did in my previous reviews of Mark Lawrence's books and put in a few quotes from the book. I was going to, but then decided against it because there were too many to choose from.

All in all, to finish this rather short review, let me add this picture which may at first seem unrelated:

My version is this:

There are two types of people in this world: People who will admit that there is much of Jorg and Jalan in them, and dirty fucking liars.


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