Astral Projection

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I have dabbled with meditation for years now. However on December the fourth, 2011, after experiencing an episode of intense Satori -- a feeling which lingered for a full three days after -- something remarkable happened to me. I had not planned it and am not closed off to the option that my mind had created all of it, but anyone who has astral projected before will probably know the feelings you have make you believe with absolute certainty that you are somewhere else, that is to say, that you are not where your body is, while, at the same time, you're also fully aware that you are where your body is. There is no duality in this feeling, you feel as though you are in both places at the same time...

I've posted this before in two sections and am now posting it again in full.

As I went over it a few days ago I realized it is just as vivid as it had been when it happened.

I sat for roughly 30 minutes, full lotus, although the passage of time became fuzzy and indistinct.
Suddenly I felt elevated, above it All, yet a part of it at the same time. All was me. And I was all. I tried and failed to pinpoint where I was and where everything else was in relation to my position is space. Existence and energy intertwined, transforming my limbs and body into a blue-red haze which pulsed and convulsed in a visual radiance, superimposed on the blackness which surrounded me. My eyes were closed. I forgot myself and the time in which I moved, I saw only my subtle self, pulsing with life. I forgot I was breathing. Forgot I was sitting. I forgot I even existed at all. 
A radiant, white thread appeared before me, extending outwards from my chest and curving up in front of me, through the darkness. It was comprised of many smaller and white, wiggly lines that intertwined, braided, danced and shifted. I looked upon it. I moved my energetic limbs to touch it and when my fingers coiled around it, I was somewhere else. 
Specks of light swam and flickered within the void, stars in the darkness where I was held aloft. It encompassed me. The thread I had just moments before been watching was now curving downward and extending below me, into the depths, seemingly going on forever and curving so far down that it seemed to stretch on behind me and further than my eyes could pear. I felt like I was standing upon some immense precipice, elevated beyond possibility. I could sense that I wasn’t dreaming all of this, that I was somehow here, in the embrace of the Now, yet also there, back where I had sat down. But there appeared no duality in this, I felt myself in both places at once, in both spots equally myself, yet in each I was in a state that was wholly different. 
I noticed a man standing in the distance. How I became certain that it was a man I could not tell, yet the more I thought about it, the more I realized this entity had no sex. It was neither man nor woman, but somehow humanity in its pure form and at the same time more than just form. I could not fathom how I didn’t see him before. Like mine, his body too pulsed outward from a white, energetic centre, sending ripples of the most beautiful blue and white. And as he turned around, I noticed his form only bore a semblance of a man, just enough so I could tell that it was some kind of a humanoid - or the subtle form of one - that stood way ahead of me. He didn’t speak, his face white and featureless, blazing in outwardly expanding auras of vecotrized explosions. 
For some reason, a thought came to me, I said to him, “I wish to see your face.” He looked at me for a moment, or appeared to have looked at me, then, in a voice that was both soothing and toneless, said, “Why do you need my face?” I felt his face as irrelevant, a mask, and that this pure energy, this form I was gazing upon was his true self, his All. For some reason, I insisted. I said, or rather, willed, “I desire to see it anyway.” As though anticipating my answer, his whole being shifted to stand before me, his white face centimetres before mine. Features formed and lines coalesced, yet when it seemed like a mouth, or eyes, or a nose might reach a state of semblance or begin to properly take shape, the expression was gone, and faded back into itself. I watched this for a while. He then turned and began to walk, almost float away, and to me it seemed natural that he should. As I watched him go, the scene about me transformed and I was instantly teleported somewhere else.

I stood at a crossroads. The ground beneath me gave the impression like it was made of metal, yet everything; the road ahead which forked to the left and right, the wall that extended ahead on both side and prevented me from seeing ahead, all of this was made out of strange, stalactite-like formations.

Everything moved and wavered, and I had trouble telling where the lines of one thing ended and something else began. Everything was endowed with an inner light. A soft blue, with pink lining running through the ever-shifting edges. I saw forms moving from the left and to the right of the walkway ahead. At first none of them noticed me, and I soon discovered I stood in a peculiar way, naked. I stood on my right leg, the other crossed, my left hand over my heart as thought praying. I had no clue why I stood like that, finding it slightly humorous. 
Only as the forms neared the fork in the road, did I notice how strange they looked. They were like jellyfish, or mushrooms, moving about with such elegance it nearly brought me to tears. But emotions weren’t really there at all. It was like everything was just so. Just me and my experience. Nothing to tether me or make me fearful, the only emotion that was somewhat present was the sense of humour. They were all breathing, the beings, expanding their mushroom-like heads simultaneously, as one. A group of five passed ahead of me and moved on, I could see them through the almost transparent wall, yet for some reason, one of them stopped. The others then stopped as well, as though wondering and looking why he had halted.

He looked at me. Saw me. Moved towards me. He didn’t appear unsure at all. He was at least two heads smaller than me, but what I figured to be his head was wide-reaching and mildly transparent. Tendrils of energy raced around him, out of all of them, like gentle smoke rising. I felt his words in my head, somehow understood them as he said, “How are you?” The question seemed odd, but didn't surprised me.

My answer, however, did. I said, “Fantastic!”

More of them began to gather round me, like they had found out I was there by some nonlocal means of communication. They came in numbers and looked at me, marvelling at the strangeness of my form. 
They left after a span of time I could not fathom, only the person I had initially seen stayed behind. I sensed his words as mental projections. Shapes of wavy circles drew themselves in my mind and I could not understand what he was trying to tell me. I tried to answer, but all that came out were rigid forms of squares and triangles. I got a distinct sense he cannot even comprehend sharp edges. I thus made my own shapes resemble his, curled them and made them undulate. He seemed to understand, but simply stood there, while time became utterly meaningless to me. I felt its sudden shift as it began to move forward with intense rapidity. I could not see the timelapse of days, but rather, felt like they whirled by at incredible speed, day, night, day, night, week, month, year, century, millennia, eon.

At some point while this was happening, he disappeared or went somewhere else, but when time as I perceived it slowed down again, he came back. I had no idea why I could tell this was the same entity – or even a he – I simply did. He asked me then, “Why are you still here? Why don’t you move about? Come.”

I asked myself the same question and followed him to the fork in the road. We went to the right, the walls wavering around us, glowing. We went on.

We reached an edge where the wall to my left ended and I noted we stood atop a balcony. We were so high up, so elevated, that I could see an entire city, its tallest spires no more than one tenth of the hight of where we were. Much like the walls themselves, the city was in a constant state of movement, as if I were looking at it submerged under water. Somehow, however, I could still see every detail of it, every street and every structure.The whole cityscape lay within an enormous mushroom-shaped dome. Cauls of some kind ran over the membrane above and, in short successions, turned night into day. This was like clockwork. The ceiling would lighten and grow dark again, as though it were breathing. But the light itself would never wane within the dome, the buildings and the surfaces would draw all of it and trap it within, using it to illuminate everything around me in a beautiful, white brilliance. At times it seemed it should blind me, but did not. I gawked at the sight of this for a while, when the entity beside me began to fly. He drifted forward and up, stopping a small distance ahead and I felt him ask, “Can you fly?”

I smiled at this. I didn’t even have to think about it, nor did I drift towards him, I was simply there, next to him, instantly.

We flew above the city, his head expanding and contracting and I was again reminded of a jellyfish. At one point in our journey, I looked at the being on my right and realized something. I projected, “How can you even see anything?”

“I don’t need my eye to see," he said.

"But how do you see?"

"I perceive with my inner eye.”

“But you have it? An eye?”


“Can I see it?” 

In response, above the being’s head and, in a way that made me unsure if the eye was even connected to it, the organ drew its gaze. A wave expanded from below and encompassed the whole thing, ending behind it.

What it revealed was the ugliest eye I had ever seen.

It was completely black, like something belonging to a nocturnal creature, with an eyelash that seemed a part of the thing. It cast a frown of the most terrifying proportions. I was horrified.

I averted my gaze from it.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “but I cannot bear to look at it. It's too scary.”

But then he said, “I have not yet opened it.”

“Then do it,” I said.

Again, like before, an eyelid opened from below the eye and ran to its back, leaving behind what looked like a perfectly rounded mirror. I couldn’t see my reflection within it, yet could tell it was either a mirror or perhaps glass. It would shift its point of view so I could only ever see one side of it, as thought it weren’t even possible to see it in three dimensions, even though I could feel it existed in three dimensional reality.

Then, for some reason, I was overcome with a compulsion to run my hand through it. 
I did this quickly, in a manner of reflex-movement, and my fingers passed right through it. I could feel a strong current shooting through my extremities. I got an immediate impression this pained the being, and we were instantly on the ground. We hadn’t fallen but somehow stretched through the fabric until we were kilometres long, and then simply reformed as the part of us above shot back down. 
Others began to gather round, looking at what had happened, a palpable sense of concern permeating out their bodies. The entity I had hurt looked shrivelled, as though he had been left to dry in the sun and was now slowly being cooked by the heat. He moved lazily, in agony. 
I could sense the thoughts of these beings. They were of a singular mind, each one of them wondering exactly, "What is going on? No one has died before."
But I wasn’t worried. A feeling of omnipotence endowed my every sense of being and I lifted my hands in front of me, touched my thumbs and index fingers, forming a triangle. Waves of creation passed through me and out of me, remaking the being and reforming its body in triangular patterns and lines of generative matrix. The others stood back. As I did this, however, I began to feel a sense like I need to go. As though something were calling me back, urging me to return. I suddenly felt nothing else but a dire need to return.

I opened my eyes and realized I need to take the biggest piss of my life...

Note: I find it important to add that, when I went to the bathroom, the room seemed incredibly, absurdly small to me, almost crushingly so. I felt mildly claustrophobic and by no means could I get over how tiny the room felt...

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