Dreams and Dreamscapes

Thursday, November 06, 2014 K.Z. Freeman 0 Comments

Dreams are ever a place where your fears find you.

A man can hide from many things. He can hide from other men and from the world. But fears are a part of him, they are him, and there is no hiding from oneself. But my dreams are like some great leveler. I suppose all men feel like this – that their dreams are something that can shatter them – I don’t know.

But this day, my dreams are different. I dream of the sky. There is something out there, further even than the sky and immeasurably big. It floats towards the planet on currents of unknown technology. I blink and the scene shifts. I find myself upon a slab. I want to wake up. A pain like my spine being pulled apart shoots through me. I am bound. I am alone, but not by myself. I observe them. I watch luminous men in wide-brimmed hats that look more like heads that aren’t heads float from the darkness and whisper secrets to me. My blood runs cold. Their breath is hot upon my ears as they tell me of the end. My end. Tell how the one thing I love will fade and die. I see it happen and I scream. I scream and in this state of screaming, I awake.

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