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To wake up to the perfect fullest of this moment wherein all life lives in its ultimate sense, you have to see into your own nature directly. Allow concepts to come into existence when you have to explain things, show things, or elaborate things. But do not live inside the boundaries of those concepts. Concepts and ideas is how mind understands, it is not how mind experiences. Concepts and ideas are not how the mind experiences, they are what the mind uses to interpret experience. If you equate concepts about reality as reality, you are building your own prison that will remain infinitely smaller than you are, as long as you see those concepts as reality and not as concepts about reality.

Dwell in reality.
Spirit is a man-made concept.
Matter is a man-made concept.
The soul is a man-made concept.
Particles are a man-made concept.
Chakras are a man-made concept.
Dimensions are a man-made concept.
Kundalini is a man-made concept.
Your Identity is a man-made concept.
Ego is a man-made concept.
Philosophies are man-made concepts.
Consciousness is a man-made concept.
Reincarnation is a man-made concept.

There will be no other life for you where you will be as you are right now.
If you think you remember a past life, you are a fool with your head so far up your ass you can no longer smell your own farts.

Explore the above concepts, have fun with them, but do not confuse the map these concepts paint as being what you are. The map illustrates, but the illustration is a projection of what the map is trying to show, not the actual thing it is showing. The thing the map is showing doesn't need a map, but is seen directly.

What we named the intellect can only see and analyse the map. But it can also operate below your everyday conscious thinking.

What we named intuition can only sense the map. But it can also operate under your everyday conscious sensing.

To explain this reality, we must use the intellect. To sense this reality directly, we must use what we named insight.

Intuition is nothing special. It is a word used for the sensing and calculating mechanisms of the mind/body that happen unnoticed by our conscious activity. If all the information our senses collect every second would be directly noticed by us, most of us would probably go nuts. Intuition is not a spiritual happening. You have projected your own idea of spirituality upon what you believe intuition to be.

There is no such thing as spirituality.

Do you think you feel through your heart? That is not where emotion comes from, that is just where you feel it to be.

Then why do I feel love as though originating in my chest?
We think we feel though our heart because we are disconnected with the essential reality of the body and mind being a whole system. We project this disconnect further and do not accept that the experience of emotion moves through the whole system, and not just through an isolated area of either mind or body. We have also been bombarded by the imagery of the heart equating love. R+N inside a drawn heart. An arrow through a drawn heart with initials inside. Etc. We equate the image of the heart as being heartful, and constantly confuse images and symbolism as reality.

Then why do some people feel phantom pain?
The mind remembers and replicates constantly. If the pain was once there, it can be there again even if the limb is not. In the same way, something can be there in the mind if in reality it is not.

Your mind is amazing. Your body is amazing. We named them separately, but that doesn't mean they are separate entities or live separate realities.

The mind senses far more on the level of what we call subconscious than what your immediate (conscious) mind can process. We named this process intuition. Have you noticed we name things a lot? We then think, if we name it, it exists separately.

Nothing exists separately. Emptiness does not exist. Things are empty only of separate existence.

The Buddha never said, “What you think, you become.”

Becoming implies there being some other time than now in which you are becoming. Or some other time than now in which you will become.

What you think, you are. Now. What you feel, you are. Now. But never forget that you can always be more and expand beyond the boundaries you have set for yourself. Not tomorrow, but now. But why do you need to be more than what you already are? You may feel you need to be more than you are, yet the thing that needs will never be known to you, because you constantly make it up.

Do you feel the need to change? To expand? Have you considered that the very thing that wants change is exactly what is trying to change itself and can never do it? You say I will be different tomorrow.

Tomorrow never comes, it doesn't exist. It’s just dark outside and you go to sleep. But when you wake up it’s not tomorrow, it’s still now.

The Buddha said, “I will come back until all sentient beings are free.” or "I will not enter the gates of nirvana until all sentient beings are free."

And there you are, waiting for him to come in a form of another guru, another yogi, another teacher. Always saying, "I need someone to show me. Someone who knows." You don't need anyone. You're lazy and want someone else to do things for you which only you yourself can do and realize. You wan't answers to questions you already have answers to, what you really want is to hear a specific answer to feel better about yourself.

If the answer wasn't already there, the question wouldn't arise in the first place.

And while searching for the Buddha and the way through others, you are missing the point entirely. Missing the power of what those words mean. I will come back. We're not talking about the Terminator here. We're talking about Buddha. He was talking about you.

He will never again come back as The Buddha. There was only one The Buddha, Gautama Siddhartha. And yet still he will come back -- and has come back many many times before.

He will and has come back again and again. 

Each time a person wakes up to the reality of this moment, Buddha is there, within. It is not Gautama Siddhartha that comes back, it is what we named Buddha-Nature.

The Buddha doesn't personally free you, you free yourself by being a Buddha. He has not come back as a person and freed you, and he never will, he has done something much better. The same nature that awoke within Gautama Siddhartha has awoken inside you. That is what we named Buddha-Nature.

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