Spiritual Attainment

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This is an answer to a question asked Here.

To quickly answer before I elaborate a bit: 
I don't think there is no such thing as spirituality. What I think is: there is no spirituality separate from materiality.

When you talk about spiritual goals they are really material goals, and when you talk about material goals they are really spiritual goals.

Both are words for the same thing.

To achieve either you are using the same instrument.

And there is no other instrument.

Without Mind there would be no means for you to be spiritual. Without Mind there would be no means for you to be psychical. (I capitalize Mind because in this case I don't mean mind as a personal mind, but Mind as the collective flow of Nature.)

If you are thinking everything is a test of how spiritual you can be, how present you can be and concentrated you can be. If you are thinking how every opportunity in life is a test of how to be your best self in any given situation, you may deny the full spectrum of self, which includes your worst self just as much as your best self. Your nature includes and is both you when you are not aware of your actions and you when fully aware. Both equally encapsulate nature.

You are nature - anything that you do will be an expression of its boundless potential. Even things you might consider wrong or things which you might view as wrongdoing.

This, however, does not excuse wrongdoing and man should strive to hold ideals that include, not exclude. It does not excuse wrongdoing because nature is as much Other as it is You.

One does not have to brand themselves spiritual to be compassionate. One can be materialistic and be just as emphatic.

What we call spiritual is a term to describe a way of seeing and touching reality

To feel compassion and show compassion is to be compassionate, but does not require spirituality.

For instance, instead of being calm about not being compassionate in any given moment, you may instead think about how uncompassionate you are, and that too is your nature just as much as being compassionate.

We may end up feeling unrest because we think we shouldn't feel unrest.

You may even think the solution is to think of how you can solve this problem.

There is no problem to begin with. The perceived solution is what creates the problem and remains responsible for creating the problem time and again.

I talked about this in my previous post called Pursuit of Happiness.

However, having said all that, I think there are aspects of our existence that can be called spiritual. 
These are aspects of ourselves which go deeper than what we normally perceive or see in our typical ways of perception. And in meditation or instances of presence where we are not thinking of the past or the future, but immerse ourselves in the flow of now and feel ourselves to embody that flow, in these instances, when conceptualization is cut and we gain direct access, I believe we become and see the very essence of what we named spirituality. An experience that needs to be embodied in action and loses it's isness as soon as a word is uttered about it. A thing that can be pointed at but never truly explained. This, however, does not mean that our everyday thinking, our stress and our worries are not spiritual processes as well.

It just means that in moments of frivolous mental activity we don't feel this connection to what we call spirit, to the essential flow of existence, as deeply or as directly, as we are distracted and hypnotized by Mind.

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